Our Philosophy

While healthcare can be greatly improved through effective use of technology, the human factor is the single most important determinant of how successful any technology will be. At System Strategies, our guiding principle is to enhance technology through the use of smart design. This means listening to our clients, understanding their vision, embracing their organizational culture, and empowering people within the organization to leverage systems and technology to bring care to the next level.

Soarian Services

System Strategies is very pleased to announce the expansion of our practice to include Soarian Financials design and support services:

Initial Build and/or Routine maintenance of master files

Adaptability Tools; Enterprise, Overall and individual context design; Allowable Values maintenance

Operational hierarchy design and maintenance as your organization grows and changes.

Build planning and management

Testing - including regression testing after Service Pack Applications and Upgrades

Business Process re-engineering

Interface consulting

Training Delivery and Documentation

HDX/Soarian Interoperability

LIVE event support

EMUE Script Design

Change Management


Engagements can be arranged to meet your requirements: short or long-term, on-site or remote. We can facilitate your design sessions and decisions, using industry standard guidelines while considering the unique aspects of your site; develop gap analysis; and work with you to develop custom solutions if necessary outside of Soarian. We can augment your existing staff and project team. As an independent consulting firm, we have experience with many of the leading Health IT vendors, and will work with you across vendor systems to provide a solution to your business and IT challenges. Contact us to discuss how System Strategies can enhance your Soarian Financials implementation!

Contact Us

PHONE: 302 234 0723
Email: gwilson@systemstrategiesconsulting.com