Our Philosophy

While healthcare can be greatly improved through effective use of technology, the human factor is the single most important determinant of how successful any technology will be. At System Strategies, our guiding principle is to enhance technology through the use of smart design. This means listening to our clients, understanding their vision, embracing their organizational culture, and empowering people within the organization to leverage systems and technology to bring care to the next level.

Our Services Include:

Configuring Vendor Systems

Staff Augmentation

Enhancing User Experience

Software Design

Managing Implementation of Enterprise Systems

Live-Event Support

Training and Documentation

Strategic Planning

Developing Custom Solutions

Designing Interfaces Between Disparate Systems

Executive Coaching

Professional Development Training Programs

Our Clients Include:

Hospitals and Integrated Health Networks

Physician Practices

Healthcare Providers

Non-Profit Agencies

Public Health Organizations

Software Vendors

Mobile Health Providers

Contact Us

PHONE: (302) 234-0723
Email: gwilson@systemstrategiesconsulting.com